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lotus peach, Acrylic on Canvas, ALK 2-2013.

lotus peach motif painting 1, Acrylic on Canvas, ALK 2-2013

You saw my photographs from the Artists & Writers Retreat in my last post.  But this lotus peach motif in paint was my primary interest for the weekend.  I had played with sketching the motif since I started my blog in January but it was not until this last weekend in February that I was able to play with my ideas in paint.  I have to thank Artist, Mati Rose McDonough for writing her fantastic book Daring Adventures in Paint. It has been a continuous instigator, education, and inspiration for my painting.

In this painting, the peach can be either meditating on or blooming out of the lotus flower which floats on the sea under a sunset.  I am happy with this painting: the colors, textures, simplicity, and energy. It feels very happy and Springy!

For those who have not read my About page, the name of my blog comes from my middle name which is two words that mean Lotus and Peach.  For me, the meaning of the Lotus flower that resonates most closely is transformation.  As for Peach, well it is simply the delicious juicy fruit that is always in season at my birthday.  Thus the tag line of my blog “sweet transformation” speaks both of and to me.

An idea came to me as I was painting my lotus peach painting a few weeks ago:  Since I want to use this motif as my blog banner, I will create new versions, using the variety of mediums I enjoy, from time to time.  So this will officially be my first in a series of lotus peach motifs. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Do you have a special meaning or story behind any part of your name? Do you have certain books or materials you come back to for creative instigation?