While I wish it looked like Spring is coming outside my door (freezing rain is the most common recent occurrence here); I have been making up for the weather by sewing spring garments inside my cozy apartment.

I adore the independent sewing patterns by Liesl Gibson, especially her own line called Liesl and Co. What makes Liesl’s patterns stand out is their fine but not overly fussy details, stellar sewing instructions, and modern fit profile.

When she announced a sew-along for the Gallery Tunic and Dress pattern, I jumped up and ordered the paper pattern (also available as a digital download). I also splurged on some gorgeous Japanese Double Gauze cotton from Miss Matabi’s Etsy shop. I have been wanting to sew with this fabric for years! This design was the perfect chance to try it.

2016-02-25 11.59.46-1


It sewed up like a warm spring breeze! Today was miraculously warm enough (57 degrees)  to take a few pictures outdoors.

Happy Almost-Spring!

(Additional photos of my sewing can be seen on Flickr) Gallery Tunic detail