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As Spring has nearly warmed to Summer here, I do not want to miss out on remembering this lovely park walk from just before my last blog post.
walkingpark view
I have been so busy with a new work schedule this past month that I have not had the energy or space of mind to create anything new.
tree skyhill path
I have missed Creating for myself and Daring Greatly by sharing those creations here.
me and pupwildflowers
So as I head back into my work week I do it with a renewed focus to cultivate my creative energy in some way each and every day.
glow branchessetting sun
As Michelle Ward says, “just fifteen minutes a day!” It will probably take more time than that once I sit down to sew or draw or paint. But since I know the hardest part for me is simply getting going, I am putting the emphasis on the impetus.
shadow family
How do you approach coming back to something creative that you have been away from for any reason?

And isn’t our dog the cutest!
pet dog