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As soon as I saw the new Attache Pattern from Lisette for Simplicity, I knew I wanted to try making this dress.  It is just the sort of summer style I can imagine in a myriad of different fabrics from basic and casual, like this first one in vintage chambray, to modern, printed, or silk.

Lisette Attache Dress - ALK 4-2013

Lisette Attache Dress Pattern, Simplicity 1666 – ALK 4-2013

With this design, I was drawn to the angled waist detail, slightly full skirt, and built-in cap sleeves — flattering and perfectly effortless for warm Northern California summers.  I made this first one as a “wearable muslin” to try out the pattern and play with the fit.  I say “wearable muslin” because I am not patient enough to make a real muslin; But I am willing to experiment with $3.00 vintage fabric.  I picked up this chambray at one of FabMo’s periodic yardage events.  The non-profit sells off donated fabric, from the industry as well as individuals like costumers, at $1.00 per yard. Yeah, a super great deal!

Lisette Attache Dress - ALK 4-2013

Attache Dress in progress – waist seam detail – ALK 4-2013.

I cut the bodice pieces a size larger in certain areas which I then had to take in because it was too big.  I also ended up slightly shortening the top from the shoulder seam (something I do only as a last resort). The original pattern did not seem to need shortening but when it came together the shoulder fit was just too big. Next time I would try shortening the bodice per the guidelines on the pattern, as I do with most dresses.  I widened the neckline to make it more flattering however it was too much, and the facings are not very pretty as a result. So I will revise those alterations for the next one.

Lisette Attache Dress - ALK 4-2013

Lisette Attache Dress – ALK 4-2013

I prefer the silhouette with a belt but come high summer weather I will be glad for the looser unbelted option.

Lisette Attache Dress - ALK 4-2013

Lisette Attache Dress – back view – ALK 4-2013

Overall this dress came together very quickly and easily and I am happy with the result.  This is the third Lisette pattern I have made. I like them all because they are cute, the fit is better than most from the major pattern companies, and Liesl’s instructions are stellar.  Last year I made the Continental blouse and skirt as well as the Market blouse.

Lisette Attache Dress - ALK 4-2013

Lisette Attache Dress – side view – ALK 4-2013

Gosh, the more I write about it the more I want to look through my stashed fabric and make another one immediately! It would give me the opportunity to remember my revisions and achieve a better fit as well as result in another fabulous spring/summer dress. I can’t lose! The Market blouse I mentioned above is definitely on my list to make again too.

Have you ever made a new pattern and liked it so much that you made another one right away?  Do you have any sewing pattern recommendations?

– lotus peach