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Happy Spring. Acrylic on Canvas. ALK 03-2013.

Happy Spring. Acrylic on Canvas. ALK 03-2013.

As the local fruit trees fill with delicate pink blossoms and bulbs burst out in yellow blooms, I breath in the bright fresh colors and sweet scents, ahhhh. In celebration of Spring renewal, I share these snippets of my creative energy from the past month.

pjs - ALK 04-2013

Pajamas – ALK 04-2013

As I discussed in my last Creating post, I find great enjoyment in choosing and putting together colors and fabrics. In these flannel pajamas I made for a young friend, the lack of enough of one fabric for both pieces resulted in an even cuter combination than I had originally planned. The graphic diamond and circle pattern of the pant brings a vintage aspect to the modern animals print. I love happy accidents!

"On Parade" Embroidery detail. ALK 03-2013.

“On Parade” Embroidery detail. ALK 03-2013.

In this delicate embroidery pattern by Sarah Jane Studios, I deliberately chose a bright palette including lime green, lilac, sunset orange, turquoise blue, peony pink. There is such youthful energy in these clear hues.  The slow repetitive hand-stitching process, watching a picture come to life, is like painting in thread. A creative meditation.

"On Parade" Embroidery. ALK 03-2013.

“On Parade” Embroidery. ALK 03-2013.

In my own twist on traditional embroidery I used a vintage damask tablecloth as the base cloth: I like to play with the layering of textures and patterns to add dimension to the complete picture. I mounted the finished piece on stretched canvas for a clean finished look while keeping the raised texture and organic variation in the lines and curves of the hand embroidery visible.

What are you being inspired to this Spring?