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There was a mishap with the dog, some hot water, and the computer this week. I do not know yet whether the computer will recover. Since I cannot upload new photos from my camera to the iPad for my blog, lets take a look back.

Breathe deeply in the fresh sea air and let the brisk breeze tousle your hair while you gaze upon some photos of one of most inspiring places on earth, Point Reyes National Seashore. The barn buildings are at Pierce Point Ranch, a National Historic Landmark. Although the skies may appear more grey than blue I assure you it was mid-summer when I took these shots. This area of the coast is cool and foggy most of the year. When the sun bursts through it only makes it more magical. I have been fortunate, as a native Californian, to return to this inspiring area many times over the years. I feel like a super insider tour guide as I have introduced special friends to my favorite beaches, trails, and hidden-gem eateries.

What are the natural spots in the world where you seek light? Have you had the pleasure of returning again and again? Or has a single experience stayed with you so that you dream of returning?

-lotus peach