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Warning! This post contains some scary before photographs of our house.

But seriously, Creating Space is another one of my acts of daring greatly.  I am giving my creative process a specially designed and intentioned place to live, to develop, to thrive.  A space where I can close the door and cut myself off from the rest of the house renovation, cleaning, and stress. I need to Create Space for the process which connects, nourishes, and delights me. I guess I could alternatively call it self-care central…but I have wanted a Studio for a long time so I will stick with that. Without further ado, here are the scary before photographs I promised:


The room is such a wreck because we had just removed two twin beds from the room as well as a bit more furniture then piled everything on top of the remaining surfaces.  Yes, it had been that crowded. There had been no room to move, let alone create.

It will be another week or so before the Studio is complete but we have made good progress so far. The furniture and layout shown below will work so much better than before. See all the open Space!
creative space layout

Clean walls:
clean walls

Finishing the Studio means paint, furniture, curtains, and storage. The ceiling is finished and the walls will be done tomorrow. The non-furniture storage will be wall-mounted shelves.  I have the curtain fabric which I will sew up after some overdue projects are completed.

Ceiling Paint and Primer in Progress:
Creating Space paint
Creating Space ceiling in progress

I have been wanting to finish this room ever since we moved in to our house and picked out the colors about 16 months ago. One of the best things about having an extra bedroom was this opportunity to Create Space, to prioritize creative creation in our home!

I am struck by how the roller marks in this unfinished ceiling corner look like paint on a canvas:

Creating Space ceiling

I am getting excited! Stay tuned for Part II coming soon…

-lotus peach