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Today I share one of my experimental paintings. I call her the Pop-Art Ballerina. Her creation surprised me. Figurative painting and drawing is something I have always thought I was bad at, even though I did quite a bit of it as a youngster. I guess it was around Junior High school, after taking Art class and seeing that other people were so much better than I, that I gave up. I know this is a common experience, especially at such a vulnerable age. Still, I am sorry I gave it up so easily.

LIFE Magazine 12-05-38, Yvette Chauvire

LIFE Magazine 12-05-38. Featuring Yvette Chauvire.

Pop-Art Ballerina painting

Pop-Art Ballerina. Acrylic on Canvas. ALK 2012.

So, when I found this old TIME magazine at a garage sale, with its lovely photo of French ballerina Yvette Chauvire, I got an idea. I gave myself a kick-start with the help of some tracing paper and a pencil to sketch the outline of the figure on to my canvas. Even then, I had no idea if I could render a ballerina figure in paint.

My daring and my success came with the process: I had to trust my hand to make the really necessary details accurately enough and then grant myself the artistic freedom to do my own thing with color and the style on the tutu and hair so I could make it my own. Now the Pop-Art Ballerina brings a smile to my face every time I gaze upon her.

– lotus peach

Have you ever done something you were pretty sure you could never do and surprised yourself at the result? Did it inspire you to dare elsewhere in your life?